Main outcomes of the 134th MPEG meeting (April 2021)

In the 134th MPEG meeting, held between April 26th and April 30th of 2021, the MPEG Video Coding working group initiated work on verification tests and conformance. The group plans to publish a committee draft titled “ISO/IEC 23090-23 Conformance and Reference Software for MPEG Immersive Videoā€¯ in a six month time-frame. Furthermore, in parallel with the finalising of the first edition of “ISO/IEC 23090-12 – MPEG Immersive Video”, a draft use-cases and requirements document for a second edition of MIV has also been published. In this draft, extensions to the first edition, such as handling of non-Lambertian surfaces and a larger viewing space, are proposed. An updated call for new visual test material will also be published.

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