Call for MPEG immersive video test materials

The Motion Pictures Experts Group (MPEG), during its process of standardization, routinely conducts experiments to explore new technologies and to verify technologies that are introduced into a standard. The Video sub-group (WG04) also follows the same process. Experiments are performed on suitable video test material relevant to the experiment, where the test material are sourced from MPEG members and non-members alike. Without good test material, the outcomes of experiments could lead to inaccurate conclusions.

Currently, WG04, as part of its exploration activities, is performing experimentation on 6-DoF immersive video coding. In this activity, a three dimensional scene that is captured by numerous cameras (camera rig) is analysed and encoded. The arrangment of the cameras that capture the scene may have any arragement (regular/irregular). There is also no limitation placed on the inter-camera baseline distances; it may be narrow or wide. Each camera in the camera rig provides its captured videos in a known projection format, e.g. perspective or equirectangular.

While conducting exploration experiments on the above-listed topics, WG04 has realized that there is a dire need for more and appropriate test materials, especially omnidirectional (360 degree) 6DoF video content. There is also an immediate need for content that is captured/synthesized using non-planar rigs. Therefore, WG04 solicits new test materials from contributors. The call [1] describes the characteristics of test materials solicited, their formatting, and the process of contribution are described.

[1] Call for MPEG immersive video test materialsISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 04 N 0204, April 2022, Online.

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