Promotion of V3C during Set Expo

In July 2020, the Brazilian Terrestrial Television System Forum (SBTVD) issued a call for proposals to set the TV 3.0 standard [1], aiming at extending the current digital television system to new use cases and futuristic applications. Among these applications, it called for immersive (VR) codecs.

At the end of 2021, proposed MPEG V3C technologies (ISO/IEC 23090-5, Visual Volumetric Video-based Coding) were adopted to fulfill XR requirements for TV 3.0. The specification drafting is ongoing and complementary video real time tests (phase 3) are planned for H1/2023. The deployment of Brazil’s TV 3.0 system is planned for 2025.

Interdigital and Philips were present at the SET trade show and conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Aug 22nd to 25th 2022) to showcase technologies to support SBTVD standard 3.0 including immersive codecs. They share a booth with Fraunhofer (FhG).

The joint Interdigital/Philips demos were showcased, and panels were done for the promotion of the V3C standard towards many key players of Brazilian TV standards.

Flyer: Interdigital LinkedIn link, Philips link

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